genetic disorders

Question Answer What is a genetic disorder? an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes Some genetic disorders are caused by what? mutations in the DNA of genes, changes in the overall structure or number of chromosomes What is Cystic fibrosis? a genetic disorder in which the body produces abnormally thick mucus

Six Stages of recovery & Flexor and Extensor Synergies

Question Answer The first Brunnstrom stage of recovery is? The part is Flaccidit. The Second Brunnstrom stage of recovery is? When spasticity begins, they have limb synergies,& they have asso. reactions. The third Brunnstrom stage of recovery is? When spasticity starts to increases and they have voluntary control of synergies. The fourth Brunnstrom stage of

Food Chains/Webs/Pyramids

Question Answer herbivore plant eating animal carnivore meat eating animal producer an organism that produces its own food consumer an organism that must eat other organisms because it can't produce its own food omnivore eats both plants and other animals food chain nutrients are passed along from organism to organism in a linear sequence decomposer

Vocabulary cards for Science

Question Answer Heredity The passing of traits (physical characteristics) from parent to offspring. Traits are controlled by genes. (Your dad doesn't pull his nose off his face and put it on your face. He passes on his genes for a particular trait, like nose shape. Genes Contain coded information used to form a creature from


Question Answer Rectus femoris O: Anterior inferior iliac spine I: tibial tuberosity A: Extends knee, flexes thigh Vastus lateralis O: Greater trochanter and linea aspera I: Tibial tuberosity A: Extends leg Vastus indermedius O: Shaft of femur I: tibial tuberosity A: extends leg Vastus medialis O: Intertrochanteric line and linea aspera I: tibial tuberosity A:

chapter 1- section 2

Question Answer exaples of sound wolfs howl- why do they make sounds? to warn and coutship with each other examples of touch chimpanzees groom why do they touch to get theirtention and to show other animals what they mean example of site a pickock opens its fethers when see hat they like why do they

Social Relationships

Question Answer Migration to find food,water, and safe nesting ground Slowing Down they slow down body temperature, survive by stored body fat,Ex. mice, squirrels, skunks are animals that slow down Biological Clock controls when they should migrate, hibernate Circadium Rhythm daily cycles; examples waking up; nocturnal animal; Cycles of Change


Question Answer Zebu cattle are native to what country? India Where did Mastodons live? In forests Name the uses for an elephants probiscis. To defend itself, move large objects,inhale water, spray water,shake hands, break branches Rhinos horns are made of the same material as our…..? hair and nails What is the chemical name for the


Question Answer Circuit a path for electrical current to flow charge of abn objects extra positive or negative particles static electricity charge that stays on a object electric field the space where electric forces orccur around an oject

Study guide for the Angio and Gyno sperm quiz on Friday

Question Answer What do all plants have that allow them to go through a process using the sun's energy and carbon dioxide? What is the process? Chlorophyll, photosynthesis. Are plants consumers decomposers or producers? Producers. What are plants' cell walls made of? Cellulose. Are plants many celled, or single celled? If they are many celled,