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Question Answer Definintion of "plasma" Something formed Definition of "lemma" from the word plasmalemma Husk Another name for Plasma membrane Cell membrane Glycocalyx An external carbohydrate coat found on the plasma membrane Lipids Materials that are insoluble in water-fats, oils, and steroids. (3 kinds in the plasma membrane) Phospholipids Highest in number. Contain phosphate. And

Structure and Function

Question Answer Plasma membrane Phospholipid bilayer containing cholesterol, proteins and carbohydrates Cytoplasm Contains cytosol, inclusions and organelles Cytosol Viscous fluid w/dissolved solutes Organelles Membrane and non-membrane bound stuctures w/unique functions and actions Inclusions Droplets of melanin, protein, glycogen granules, or lipid; usually non-membrane bound Nucleus Surrounded by double membrane and contains nucleolus and chromatin Nuclear

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Question Answer Natural capital services Ecology the study of ecosystems Exponential growth development at an increasingly rapid rate in proportion to the growing total number or size; a constant rate of growth applied to a continuously growing base over a period of time GDP the annual market value of all goods and services produced by

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Question Answer Imdependent variable single factor in an expirement that changes Dependent variable factor that will be measured in an expirement Qualitative observation observation that describes anything but numbers Quantitative Observation observation that describes numbers Independent varriable goes on which axis? X axis dependent varriable goes on which axis? Y axis temprature average kinetic energy

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Question Answer What do molocules do in liquids? They slide by each other and move around. What are molocules? Particals that move. What is tempeture? The average heat. What do molecules do in gasses? They bounce all over the place freely. What do molecules do in solids? They vibrate but do not float around. They

Temperature, Thermal energy , and Heat! DDMS 2011 6th grade

Question Answer What does the Celsius scale mean? The temperature on which water freezes at zero degrees and boils at 100 degrees. What does the Kelvin Scale mean? The temperature scale on which zero is the temperature at which no more energy can be removed from matter. What does absolute zero mean? the temperature at

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Question Answer The part of the experiment you change on purpose. Independent Variable The part of the experiment that you measure. Dependent Variable The parts of the experiment you don't change. Constants The baseline or group that you compare the results of your experiment to. Control A measurement using numbers. Quantitative Observations A description of

Properties of Matter and the Scientific Method

Question Answer What is the amount of matter in a substance? mass What is the amount of space an object occupies? volume What is the ratio of the amount of matter in an object compareed to its volume? density What is the tool used to find the mass of an object? scale or balance What

key enzymes/proteins

Question Answer helicase unwinds parental double helix, unzips down center (starts at sections with A-T's because they have fewer bonds and are broken more easily binding proteins stabilize separated strands, prevents DNA from rezipping (not an enzyme) primase adds short RNA primer strand to template/parental strand DNA polymerase adds DNA nucleotides to build polymer exonuclease

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Question Answer complete metamorphosis Life cycle of many insects. Complete Metamorphosis has 4 stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult incomplete metamorphosis Life cycle that has only 3 stages: Egg, Nymph, Adult. adaptation A change in the body or behavior of a species over a long period of time to help it survive in its environment. inherited