ER -4- Bites and Stings

Question Answer What group of insects accounts for the greatest number of fatalities hymenoptera bees, wasps and ants T/F the venom of the Africanized honeybee is more potent than the domestic honey bee F there venom is the same but they swarm and generally kill by large amounts of stings T/F bee stings cause more

ER -3- Nasal

Question Answer This is a potentially fatal bacterial or viral infection that with compromised salivary flow and retrograde migration of oral bacteria into the salivary ducts and parenchyma. Marked by red and tender skin over the parotid gland with fever and trismus Parotitis/ Viral mumps What two bacteria do you need to cover for in

ER -2- Ear

Question Answer What are the primary causes of otalgia trauma, infections, foreign bodies, cerumen impaction, cholesteatoma, neoplasms What are the secondary causes of otalgia TMJ disease, abscessed teeth, malocclusion, bruxism, trauma, tonsillitis, abscess, neoplasms What are the predisposing factors for developing otitis externa trauma to skin of external auditory canal, elevation of local PH, constant

ER -1- Intro/ocular trauma

Question Answer What is required for a hospital to be considered trauma 1 24hr availability of all subspecialties Pt has mucopurulent discharge and inflammation of the conjunctiva and their eyes are stuck together what do they have going on Bacterial Conjunctivitis What is the best tx for bacterial conjunctivitis Poly-Trim opth gtts If your pt

Characteristics of mammals

Question Answer What type of skin/covering do mammals have? Fur or hair How do mammals breathe? Mammals use lungs to breathe. Are mammals warm-blooded or cold blooded? Warm-blooded What do mammals feed their babies? Milk Are mammals vertebrates or invertebrates? Vertebrates

Human Anatomy Physiology

Question Answer Once gastrulation has been completed Organogenesis The formation of body systems, begins. Its first event is the formation of a dorsal rodlike thickening of mesodern called the Nortochord which appears immediatley deep to the former Primitive streak and establishes the longitudinal axis of the embryo. This is quickly followed by the process called

Anatomical position

Question Answer What is the anatomical position if you were to divide the body into left and right Sagittal plane or (Mid-sagittal plane) What is the anatomical position if you were to divide the baody into upper and lower of the division. Transverse plance What is the anatomical position if the body was to be

science experiment

Question Answer whom should an accident or spill be reported to at school? Teacher or Adult What should you wear when performing scientific activities? Googles, Apron, and Gloves First aid kit used for cuts and burns fire extinguisher used to put out fires soap and water used to wash your hands and/or clean up pot

Pharm -3- Parkinson Disease Drugs

Question Answer T/F women suffer from Parkinson's disease more than men F T/F most pts develop Parkinson's at age 40 F most develop after age 50 What is a resting tremor palsy like movement of hands and head that disappear with purposeful movement What is bradykinesia associated with Parkinson's disease pt has difficulty initiating movement