Lab quiz 2-Hormonal regulation of the GI function

Question Answer What are the 4 main hormones found in the GI system gastrin, secretin, CCK, GIP Where are the GI hormones secreted from from endocrine cells into the mucosa of the stomach and SI What causes the release of GI hormones Vagal stim, distension, chem stim What do GI hormones help regulate stomach fxn,

Lab quiz 2-Large Intestines, Fat digestion, & Gi hormones

Question Answer What is the size of the large intestine 5 feet and 2.5 inches in diameter define haustrations segmental contractions define gastrocolic reflex mass movements triggered by filling of the stomach How is access to the large intestine controlled ileocecal valve what casues relaxation of the ileocecal valve distention of the terminal ileum How

Lab quiz 2-Small intestine, protein digestion, H2O absorption

Question Answer What is the small intestine mostly responsible for? digestion and absorption How long are the duodenum, jejunum, ileum 10", 8', 12' What are the four layers of the wall of the SI mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, serosa Where does most digestion take place the SI What is the main source of digestive enzymes

Lab quiz 2-saliva

Question Answer What is the composition of saliva Water, solutes, dissolved gases, organic substances, How much of the saliva is made up of water 99.5% What type of ions make up the saliva Na, K, Cl, HCO3, phosphates What type of organic substances are found in the saliva urea & uric acid, serum albumin &

Histo Key Points Eye

Question Answer what are the eye layers Tunica Fibrosa Uvula Tract Nerve Layer Tunica fibrosa is made up of (sclera and cornea) Uveal tract is made up of (choroid, ciliary body and iris) Nerve layer made up of (retina) Anterior chamber is made of Cornea and iris (and anterior face of the lens). Posterior chamber

CM- Neuro -2- Seizures

Question Answer What is a seizure time limited abnormal, involuntary, unpredictable, rhythmic neuronal discharge in the brain Are seizures a disease NO they are a symptom of a disease What disease is marked by spontaneous recurrence of two or more unprovoked seizures Epilepsy What predisposes a person to developing epilepsy any alteration in structure or

CM- Neuro -3- CVA

Question Answer This is characterized by an acute onset of neurologic deficit persists for at least 24 hours and reflect focal involvement of the central nervous system and is a result of disturbances to cerebral circulation/perfusion Stroke/CVA What are the 4 types of stroke TIA, Reversible Ischemic Neurologic deficit, stroke in evolution, completed stroke What

Apologia General Science

Question Answer Science a branch of study dedicated to the accumulation and classification of observable facts in order to formulate general laws about the natural world Imhotep ancient Egyptian scientist who was known for his knowledge of medicine papyrus a primitive form of paper, made from a long-leafed plant of the same name Thales an

First PT exam

Question Answer What types on injuries cause OA Injuries that cause ligamentous laxity… not cartilage tears Muscles provide ___ joint stability Dynamic What type of

Ch 6- test 3

Question Answer Define neoplasia the production of new growth Define neoplasm an abnormal, continually growing mass of tissue whose growth exceeds and is uncoordinated with the tissue around it Define Tumor used to mean swelling, now means swelling caused by neoplasm Define oncology the study of and treatment of tumors Define totipotential cells could become