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Question Answer nucleus the control center of the cell, controls heredity of traits, known as brain of cell mitochondria powerhouse of the cell, where energy is made cell membrane controls the passage of nutrients in and out of the cell chromosomes X shaped, made of DNA, in nucleus, contains protein recipes cell wall only in

Nervous System

Question Answer What 2 categories is the nervous system divided into? Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system What are the 2 kinds of cells that are found in the nervous system? Neurons and supporting/glial cells What are the 2 types of transport systems in long axons? Axoplasmic flow and Axonal transport What is the

Anesthesiologist Assistant – Nova Tampa – Intro to Anesthesia Practice

Question Answer A2 Aortic second sound AA Anesthesiologist assistant AAA abdominal aortic aneurysm AAAA American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants AAF African-American female AAM African-American male AAPA American Association of Physician Assistants Ab Abortion Ab antibiotics Abd Abdomen or abdominal ABD Army battle dressing ABG Arterial blood gas ABL Allowable blood loss Abn Abnormal a.c. before


Question Answer geologist history of the earth's surface biologist living organisms ecologist system of organisms astronomer space physicist matter and energy chemist elements and compounds meteorologist weather and climate seismologist earthquakes pathologist diseases zoologist animals entomologist insects hematologist blood


Question Answer Zantac® ranitidine H2 Antagonist Riopan® magaldrate Antacids Donnatol®/Bellergal-S® belladonna + pb COMBINATION Anti-spasmodics Milk of Magnesia (MOM) ® magnesium hydroxide Antacids Citroma® magnesium citrate Laxative Ex-Lax® phenophaline Laxative Reglan® metoclopramide HCl Prokinetic Carafate® sucralfate (aluminum hydroxide) Ulcer Protector Robinul® glycopyrrolate Anti-cholinergics Mylicon® simethicone Anti-flatulence Bemote® Bentyl® Antispas® dicyclomine HCl Anti-spasmodics Pepcid® famitidine H2


Question Answer How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10 mm How many centimeters are in a meter? 100 cm A person fills up his gas tank for his car with gas. What metric unit would he use to measure the amount of gas in the tank? Liters What metric unit would you use to

Nur 1113 Phamac Terminology Quiz 2

Question Answer absorption movement of drug particles from the gastrointestinal tract to body fluids action describes the mechanism by which a specific drug produces physiologic and biochemical changes at the cell, tissue, and organ level analgesia drug that relieves pain adrenergic term applied to nerve fibers that when stimulated, release epinephrine at their endings adverse/side

The Automonic Nervous System

Question Answer What are the 2 divisions of the ANS and which usually have antagonistic effects? Sympathetic and parasympathetic What division of the ANS is associated with "fight, flight, and stress" reactions? Sympathetic What division of the ANS is associated with "rest and digest" reactions? Parasympathetic What is another name for the sympathetic division of

The Central Nervous System

Question Answer During embryonic development, what forms from a groove in the ectoderm by the 20th day and becomes the CNS? Neural tube During embryonic development what cells develop where the tube fuses and become ganglia of the PNS? Neural crest During the 4th week of embryonic development, what are the names of the 3

Sensory Physiology

Question Answer What sensory receptor senses chemical stimuli? Chemoreceptors What sensory receptor transduces light? Photoreceptors What sensory receptor responds to temperature changes? Thermoreceptors What sensory receptor responds to deformation of their cell membrane such as touch and pressure receptors in the skin and hair cells within the inner ear? Mechanoreceptors What sensory receptors respond to