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Zebu cattle are native to what country? India
Where did Mastodons live? In forests
Name the uses for an elephants probiscis. To defend itself, move large objects,inhale water, spray water,shake hands, break branches
Rhinos horns are made of the same material as our…..? hair and nails
What is the chemical name for the material Rhinos horns are made of? Keratin
Mammoths and elephants both have what features in common? tusks, trunks, same size and shape
How do zebras and donkeys differ from each other? Zebras have stripes, donkeys are smaller and are stubborn
Deer are part of what group? antelope
What is the reason God told the Isrealites not to eat pig meat?

because of the disease causing parasites
What two animals migrate with the wildebeasts? zebras and gazelles
What are the special features that God gave to the camel that enables them to survive in the desert? humps that store fat, eyes with long lashes that keep out the dust, nostrils that are slits that can close during storms, their two-toed feet are wide to give balance when walking on the shifting sand.
How are tapirs and elephants alike? they both have tusks and trunks
Why do elephants blow dust? it acts as a sunscreen for them and a bug repellant.
What is the most dangerous animal in Africa? Hippo
What has God given the giraffe that is different from other animals(besides their long necks) very high blood pressure in order to get the blood to the giraffes brain, also a series of valves that open and close allowing the giraffe to be able to raise and lower his head without passing out or causing extreme rushes of blood to his brain
How are zebras and donkeys alike? They have rather large ears and they both have coarse manes that stand up
What are three differences between horses and donkeys? the donkey is smaller, has shorter body hair and a different tail
How are zebras like us? Each one has their own stripe pattern in much the same way we each have our own fingerprints.
What other tool besides their trunk do elephants use to defend themselves


Their tusks
What is a yearling? a horse between the ages of one and 2 years.
A horse that is not yet fully grown is called a what? filly
Where have we found remains of the mammoth? In Siberia
Finding the remains of the mammoth has helped us to understand what? how the ice age happened

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