Unit A

Question Answer
The part of a plant that holds the plant in the ground and takes in water and minerals from the soil root
A plant part that connects the root with the leaves of a plant and supports the plant above ground; it carries water from the roots to other parts of the plant stem
a plant part that grows out of the stem, it takes in the air and light that a plant needs. leaf
The small units that make up all living things cell
A plant that no roots, stem , or leaves simple plant
The first stage in the growth of many plants seed
When a new plant breaks out of the seed germinate
The food making process of plants photosynthesis
The substance that gives plants their green color; it helps a plant use energy from the sun to make food. chlorophyll
Plants are living things. They all need _____, _____, _____, and _____ to grow. water, sunlight, soil and air
The _____ of a plant are underground and help the plant take in _____ from the soil roots, water
The _____ connects the _____ with the _____, supports the plant above the ground and carries _____ from the roots to the leaves stem, roots, leaves, water
The _____ of a plant grow out of the _____ and take in _____ and _____ the plant needs. They come in all _____ and _____. leaves, stem, air, light, shapes, sizes
All living things are made up of all units called _____. Most _____ can't be seen without a _____. cells, cells, microscope
A _____ has no _____, _____, or _____. They don't have tubes to carry their water throughout the plant. _____ is an example of a _____. Simple Plant, roots, stem, leaves, Moss
Not all plants produce _____. Ferns reproduce from _____. seeds, spores
The _____ is the _____ stage of growth in plants that have _____, _____, and _____. _____ plants and _____ plants make _____. Plants can also be made from plant parts or _____. seed, first, roots, stems, leaves, Flowering, Cone, seeds, bulbs
Many plants make more _____ like themselves by making _____. Even though the seeds look _____ than the plant, they eventually will look like it when they grow. plants, seeds, different
Seeds need _____ and _____ in order to grow. water, warmth
A seed grows into a plant by: a. germiating when the small plant breaks out of a seed b. the roots grow down c. the seed breaks open and a young plant (seedling) appears d. the leaves from the root and stem grow longer
Seeds all have the same parts a. seedling – baby plant b. seed coat – protects the young plant c. stored food _ food for the plant to grow and sprout
Plants can make their own food. This is called _____. Photosynthesis
Plants get their color from _____. This helps the plants use energy from the sun to make _____. Chlorophyll, food
During photosynthesis a plant needs four things: a. chlorophyll b. sun light c. water d. carbon dioxide (air)
Plants use their food to grow _____, to make _____, and to store it in their stems and roots, and fruit for later. bigger, seeds

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