Unit 1

Question Answer
Define Forensic Science The application of science to law
Who are crime scene investigators? They are trained police officers called Identification Specialists in the RCMP
Define Forensic Biology Section: Deals w/ all body fluids such as blood and semen, tissue and hair that might relate to the crime scene.
Forensic Toxicology Section: quantify s the amount of toxins, drugs,poison and alcohol in body fluids. The analysis would determine whether the does found in a body would kill or cause impairment.
Forensic Chemistry Section: Analyze any non-biological substance found at the scene: fiber, paint, glue, drywall, gasoline, and bomb components. Terrorist crimes
Firearms Section Firearms specialist compare tool marks and firearms in order determine whether a tool made a certain mark
Questioned Documents Section look primarily at handwriting to determine whether a person write a suspect document.
differentiate between forensic scientists and technicians. Technician: assist the scientist run part of the chemical analysis. Scientist perform the interpretations and might have to testify in court
Define Pathologists Pathologists can certainly perform many of the collections, like needle biopsies, skin scraping and the like, of tissues or fluids
Define Anthropologists

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