tissues for chapter 4

Question Answer
glands that secrete through ducts exocrine
flat irregular epithelial cells squamous
type of connective tissue that stores fat and serves as a heat insulator adipose
a term that means in layers stratified
hard connective tissue that acts as a shock absorber and as a bearing surface to reduce friction between moving parts cartilage
secretion that traps dust and other inhaled foreign particles mucous
a band or sheet of fibrous connective tissue around muscles fascia
scientific name for a nerve cell neuron
flexible white protein that makes up the main fibers in connective tissue collagen
strong band of connective tissue that supports a joint ligament
fatty insulating material that covers and protects some nerve fibers myelin
the result of excess production of collagen in the formation of a scar keloid
a layer of fibrous connective tissue around a bone periosteum
tissue that forms a protective covering for the body and lines the digestive, respiratory, and urinary passages epithelium
a cord of connective tissue that connects a muscle to a bone tendon
tumors that spread and grow rapidly often causing death malignant
tumor that does not spread and is usually confined to a local area benign
special sac that encloses the heart pericardium
membrane that covers each lung pleura
tissue that forms when cartilage gradually becomes impregnated with calcium salts and phosphate bone
type of lining found in the various parts of the respiratory tract mucous membrane
membrane that covers cartilage perichondrium
a tough membranous connective tissue that encloses an organ capsule
most common type of cancer, on that originates in epithelium carcinoma
spreading metastasis
carries impulses axon and dendrite
most common type of connective tissue areolar
non-living matrix
study of tissues histology
tumor neoplasm
protects and supports nervous tissues neurogila
classifying tumors by how they are spreading staging

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