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Systematic study of human society. Sociology
Any relatively stable pattern of social behavior. Parts of society (Education, Politics, Religion, Criminal Justice, Traffic lights, etc.) makes up the… Social Structure
The consequences of a social pattern for the operation of society as a whole. Manifest/ Latent Jobs of the parts of society makes ups the… Social Function
Came up with Manefest and Latent functions of society. American Sociologist. Robert Merton
Obvious function. First thing that comes to mind about structure. Manifest
Not so obvious function. Not so easily recognized. Latent
Any social pattern that may disrupt the operation of society. Social Dysfunction
Theory that sees society as an area of inequality that generates conflict. (Macro) Social Conflict Approach
Name some factors that may influence conflict. Class, religion, race, gender, age, politics etc.
Thinkers of the Social Conflict Approach. Karl Marx and Max Weber
Social Conflict Approach: Focuses on inequality and conflict between women and men. Linked to Feminism. Gender Conflict Approach
The study of human/animal culture. Anthropology
When did sociology begin? The Industrial Revolution
Where was the first sociology class created? Yale and John Hopkins
Who had the 1st formal sociology department? The University of Chicago
What makes sociology different from other sciences? Emotions make A+B(USUALLY)=C, so we wont always have exact answers to problems in society.
What are the three topics of study in sociology? Small groups, large groups, and social issues
What are some examples of small groups sociologists study? Families, relationships, clubs
What are some examples of large groups sociologists study? Organizations and institutions
What are some social issues sociologists study? Sexual orientation, race, religions, gender, taxes, politics, crime, sexual activity, abortion, poverty…etc.
What are the three events that transformed society? The Industrial Revolution, Growth of Cities, and Politics
What are some characteristics of the Pre-Industrial Revolution? Rural-Farming life, families were close, large families, grew or made everything, sold or traded for things you wanted
What are some inventions of the Pre-Industrial Revolution? Steam Engine, Factories and Mills
What are some of the advancements that came with the growth of cities? Feudal Estate System, Wealthy landowners and tenants, Enclosure Movement, People moved from farms to cities
What is the Feudal Estate System? When people traded wool to make clothes
What is the Enclosure Movement? When Farmland becamed fenced off to be private property.
What were some social problems with growing cities? Lack of living space, Disease, Sanitation problems, Polution, Crime
What happened during the French Revolution? The traditional way of life was gone and there was a broader way of thinking
Who were the four main sociological thinkers? August Comte, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber
French Sociologist. Coined the term "Sociology". Created Positivism. Broke societies into three stages: Theological, Metaphysical, and Scientific August Comte
German Economist. Significant impact on society: "Economic factors influence social life beliefs and thoughts are products of the time workers lost control over their work." Karl Marx
French Sociologist. Focused on social order. "Scientific study provides social order." Studied suicide and social integration. Emile Durkheim
German Sociologist. Most profound impact on sociology. Created the principle of Verstehen. Max Weber
What are society's 3 stages? Theological, Metaphysical, Scientific
Stage of sociology: Beginning of human time. Behavior and beliefs should reflect God's will. Very strict and traditional. Theological
Stage of sociology: Renaissance. No longer focused on God's will or devine intervention. Society was the result of selfish human nature. Metaphysical
Stage of sociology: Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton changed society. Positivism came about. Scientific
Applying scientific methods to the study of sociology. Positivism
Whether someone feels accepted or regected in society. One's level or status in society. Social Integration
What are the four types of suicide? Egoistic, Altruistic, Anomic, Fatalistic
Type of Suicide: Low degree of integration (rejected). Depression. High risk of suicide. Egoistic
Type of Suicide: Strong social integration which causes one to focus on societies needs more than own. Less chance of suicide. Feels committing suicide is a duty: Kamikaze pilots, military soldiers. Altruistic
Type of Suicide: Desires are limitless-thus many disappointments. High risk of suicide. Cannot handle stress of disruption. (Ex. Stock market crash, Great depression) Anomic
Type of Suicide: Belief that life is only getting worse. Feels there is no other choice. Fatalistic
Who coined the phrase "Sociological Perspective"? Peter Berger
Who renamed the phrase "Sociological Perspective"-"Sociological Imagination"? C.Wright Mills
What are the four different ways of looking at human behavior within a society? Seeing the general in the particular, Seeing the strange in the familiar, Seeing society in our everyday choices, Seeing sociologically:Marginality and Crisis
Explain what seeing the general in the particular means. Seeing the general pattern of behavior of particular people. (Ex. College students- Study, go to class, party, take notes etc.)
Explain what seeing the familiar in the strange means. Nothing bizzare. Giving up what you are used to or you like to do to satisfy society.
What are two situations that help us apply the sociological perspective? Living on the Margins and Living through Crisis.
Different ways of looking at human behavior within society. Sociological Perspective
What are some types of people who we would consider to be living on the margins? Nerds, Athiests, Criminals, Homeless, Racists, Elderly, Disabled, Homosexual, Immigrants, etc. (outcasts)
How does living through a crisis affect society? Ex.911 made airport security better, we are nervous when a middle easterner is on the plane, some people wont fly anymore.
What is the greek word which the word "theory" derived from? Theoria
A statement of how and why specific facts are related. Theory
Explains social behaviors as it relates to the real world. Sociological Theory
A basic image of society that guides thinking and research. Theoretical Approach
Theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability. Parts+Jobs= a whole society (Macro) Structural Functional Approach
Theory sees society as the product of the everyday interactions of an individual. Society=People interaction (Micro) Symbolic Interaction Approach
What are the three sociological approaches? Structural Functional, Social Conflict, and Symbolic Interaction
Looking at the "big picture". Viewing society as a whole. Macro
Viewing individual parts of society. "Looking From the Street Level" Micro
What are the three thinkers of the Structural Functional Approach? August Comte, Emile Durkheim, and Herbert Spencer
Sociological Approach: Society is stable. Each part has a function. Each function works together, creating a working whole. Structural Functional
Compared the Structural Functional Approach to our bodies and the way our organs work. Herbert Spencer
Sociological Approach: There is a conflict between the dominant and the disadvantaged. Factors that influence conflict are race, class, gender, age, politics, religion etc. Social factors help some and hinder others. Social Conflict Approach
What are the two main approaches of Social Conflict? Gender Conflict Approach, Race Conflict Approach
Social Conflict Approach:Focuses on inequality and conflicts between race and ethnic categories. Stresses contributes to the sociology by people of color. Race Conflict Approach
Two thinkers of Gender Conflict Approach. Jane Addams, Harriet Martineau
Helped immigrant families. Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Feminist. Jane Addams
First Woman Sociologist. Worked against slavery and abuse of factory workers. Fought for education for women. Harriet Martineau
Two thinkers of the Race Conflict Approach. Ida Wells Barnett, William Burghardt DuBois
Born to slave parents. Became a teacher and journalist. Fought to end lynching and for racial equality. Ida Wells Barnett
First black to get a PhD. Helped found the NAACP. William Burghardt Dubois
Sociological Approach: Society is simply peole interacting. People construct reality by those of symbols. The meaning of symbols determine how we interact. Symbol->Meaning-> Behavior Symbolic Interaction Approach
Two thinkers of the Symbolic Interaction Approach. Max Weber, George Herbert Mead
Believes that social experiences develop our personality. George Herbert Mead
We understand the meaning behind a symbol, we gain thoughts and feelings for that symbol, this influences our actions and behaviors when we see the symbol. Principal of Verstehen (Max Weber)
The study of social interaction in terms of theatrical performances. Dramaturgical Analysis
Came up with the term "Dramaturgical Analysis". Says that in different situations, we play different roles. Front Stage and Backstage. Erving Goffman
How we act in Public. Front Stage
How we act in Private. Back Stage
"All the world's a stage. All the men and women are players. They all have their exits and entrances. Each man in his time plays many parts." Who quoted this? William Shakespeare

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