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Adolescence period between the normal onset of puberty and the beginning of adulthood
puberty physical maturing that makes an individual capable of sexual reproduction
anticipatory socialization learning of the rights, oblagations, and expectations of a role in prepartion for assuming the role at a future date
dating a social behavior that allows individuals to choose their own marriage partners
courtship a social interaction similar to dating but with the sole purpose of eventual marriage
homogamy tendancy for indiviuals to marry people who have social characteristics similar to their own.
courting buggy a horse-drawn carriage recieved by amish men during their teenage years
Willard Waller conducted one of the earliest sociologist analyses of American dating patterns. During the late 1920's and earlt 1930s study dating habits of students.
drug any substance that changes mood, behavior, or consciousness
social intergration degree of attachments people have to social groups or to society

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