Science Chapter 6

Question Answer
Where are fossils are most often found? sedimentary rock
A scientist who studies the Earth is a(n) __________________. geologist
What is the Earth’s greatest treasure? soil
What holds soil together? plant roots
Hot molten rock deep below the Earth’s surface is called _______________. magma
Minerals valued for being rare and beautiful. gems
Minerals that contain useful substances. ores
A measure of how well a mineral resists scratching. hardness
The way light bounces off a mineral. luster
A solid material of Earth’s crust with a definite composition. mineral
Rocks changing from one into another in a never-ending
series of processes
rock cycle
A rock formed when melted rock material cools and hardens. igneous rock
A rock formed under heat and pressure from another
kind of rock.
metamorphic rock
A rock made of bits of matter joined together. sedimentary rock
A naturally formed solid in the crust made up of one or more minerals. rock

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