Question Answer
The outside of a flower that is often colored is the ____________________. petal
The stages in the life of a living thing (plants & animals) is the ______________. life cycle
A fine, yellowish powder in a flower is ___________. pollen
_______________ is the part inside each seed that contains stored food. Seed leaf
The outside covering of a seed is the ____________. seed coat
To ____________________ is to carry pollen to the stem like part of a flower. pollinate
Natural, nonliving materials that can be found in the soil are ___________________. minerals
____________________ is a tree or shrub that has cones. Conifer
___________________ is a young plant that grows from a seed. Seedling
A gas in the air that plants use to amke food is ____________________. Carbon Dioxide
_______________ means to grow and develop. Germinate

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