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Chemical Energy energy stored in the way atoms are connected to each other.
Electrical Energy energy carried by electricity
Kinetic Energy the energy of motion
Mechanical Energy energy an object has due to its motion, position, or condition.
Nuclear Energy energy produced when an atom splits apart or when two atoms join to form one atom
Potential Energy stored or energy an object has due to its position
Radiant Energy energy travels in waves and can move through empty space.
Sound Energy energy of vibrations carried by air, water, and other matter.
Thermal Energy energy of the movement of atoms and molecules
On a roller coaster ride, the care has most potential energy… at the top of the hill
Rolling a soccer ball Kinetic Energy
A bicycle stopped at the top of the hill Potential Energy
The wound spring in a wind up toy Potential Energy
Energy stored in vegetables Kinetic Energy
How can the potential energy of a bicycle stopped at the top of a tall hill be changed into kinetic energy. Ride bicycle down the hill
What is one way in which you use electrical energy? Watching TV
Identify the energy changes that occur in a solar calculator Electrical Energy
How are the waves of radiant energy different from waves? the wavelengths
What kind of energy is Sunlight? Radiant Energy
What kind of rays cause sunburn Ultraviolet
Rapid back and forth motion of air or other matter is called vibration
The distance from a point on a wave to the same point on the next wave is called wave length
The number of waves passing a point in a given amount of time is Frequency
Why must sound travel through matter? the vibrations get weaker
People can hear… a limited range of sounds

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