PT103 Intro to Chemistry

Question Answer
amino acids macromolecules that make up proteins
anabolism to build up
atom the smallest unit of an element
catabolism to break down
covalent bond sharing of electrons between two atoms
electron the smallest subset of an atom that contains a NEGATIVE charge
ion an atom or group of atoms with a leftover unbalanced charge
ionic bond the transfer of electrons between two atoms
macro large
metabolism the physical and chemical change that takes place within an organism
micro small
mole Avagadro's number 6.02X 10E23
molecule the smallest particle of a compound
neutron a subset of an atom that DOES NOT contain a charge
nucleic acid the bases contained within DNA
orbit the rotation of electrons around the nucleus
proton a subatomic particle of an atom that holds a POSITIVE charge
carbon C
carbon non-metal
period row across the periodic table
group vertical column of periodic table
potassium K
potassium alkali metal
sodium Na
sodium alkali metal
hydrogen H
hydrogen non-metal
iron Fe
iron transition metal
helium He
helium noble gas
sulfur S
sulfur halogen
chlorine Cl
chlorine halogen
oxygen O
oxygen non-metal
calcium Ca
calcium alkaline earth metal
magnesium Mg
magnesium alkaline earth metal
neon Ne
neon noble gas
nitrogen N
nitrogen non-metal
manganese Mn
manganese transition metal
phosphorus P
phosphorus non-metal
fluorine F
fluorine halogen

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