Poetry Vocabulary

Question Answer
Alliteration Starting three or more words with the same sound. Example: The crazy crackling crops
Assonance A repetition of vowel sounds within syllables with changing consonants. Example: Tilting at windmills
Cliche An overused word or phrase. Example: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
Homonym A word that has the same spelling (or different spelling but same sound) as another, but has a different meaning or origan.
Hyperbole A large exageration, usually used with humor. Example: The fish was a football field and a granny long.
Idiom A language familiar to a group of people. Example: Ya'll comin' to da party tonight?
Metaphor A word or phrase used to have a completely different meaning. Example: Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" being a constant reminder of his loss and not truly a raven.
Onomatopoeia A word imitating a sound. Example: 'buzz', 'moo' and 'beep'
Penultimate syllable The next to last syllable of a word.
Rhyme Similarity of sound in the last syllable. Example: Spoon and Toon
Simile An expression that compares one thing to another using 'like' or 'as'. Example: The milk tasted like pickles.
Synechdoche The metaphorical or rhetorical substitution of a whole for a part or vice versa. Example: Counting 'heads' as cattle.
Tercet A group of three lines, often rhyming together or with another tercet.

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