list of CHD for study for aortic valve and left ventricular obstruction

Question Answer
Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) congenital heart defect which is classically understood to involve four anatomical. abnormalities, although only three are always present
Severe aortic stenosis (AS) abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve opening
Sever valvar aortic stenosis Obstruction to outflow from the left ventricle by an abnormal aortic valve
severe subvalvar aortic stenosis (SAS) is a fixed form of anatomic obstruction to egress of blood across the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT)
severe supravalvar aortic stenosis denotes obstructive constriction of the ascending aorta above the aortic valve
severe subaortic stenosis more severe form of LVOTO (Left ventricular outflow tract obstruction) that is often associated with aortic annular hypoplasia and valvular aortic stenosis.
aortic regurgitation heart valve disease in which the aortic valve weakens or balloons, preventing the valve from closing tightly.
Aortico-left ventricular tunnel (ALVT) extracardiac channel which connects the ascending aorta above the sinutubular junction to the cavity of the left or right ventricle.
CHD Lesions on aortic valve and left ventricular obstruction -severe aortic stenosis
-severe valvar aortic stenosis
-severe membranous subvalvar aortic stenosis
-severe subaortic stenosis, tunnel type
-severe supravalval aortic stenosis
-severe aortic regurgitation
-aortico-left ventricular tunnel

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