Lab quiz 2-Large Intestines, Fat digestion, & Gi hormones

Question Answer
What is the size of the large intestine 5 feet and 2.5 inches in diameter
define haustrations segmental contractions
define gastrocolic reflex mass movements triggered by filling of the stomach
How is access to the large intestine controlled ileocecal valve
what casues relaxation of the ileocecal valve distention of the terminal ileum
How long does passage through the colon take 16-24 hours
When are lipids absorbed not until the lower part of the ileum
What types of fats are found in the diet triglycerides (90-95%) cholesterol and lecithins
How are triglycerides broken down by pancreatic lipase, and alpha-esterase which hydrolyzes ester bond leaving FFA and 2-monoglyceride
How are cholesterols digested the ester is hydrolyzed by pancreatic cholesterolester hydrolase
How are lecithins digested lingual lipase
What is the role of bile in fat digestion bile salts with lecithins and FFA promote emulsification of fat into very small droplets–> increase surface area–> lipase bound on droplet surface to displace from oil-H2O interphase
How are micelles loaded by colipase
where are conjugated bile acids absorbed terminal ileum
where are unconjugated bile acids absorbed throughout the SI
How are fat soluble vitamins absorbed by micelles in the chylomicron pathway
what causes white stools (steatorrhea) missing bile enzymes
Why did the pH decrease in tubes 2,3 triglycerides were digested to produce FFAs…acids!
Why was there no change in pH in tube 1 bc there was no lipase which is needed for fat digestion
How can the number of unsaturations be determined using iodine as a reagent
What is the iodine number the amount of iodine reacting with the double bonds
Which have higher iodine numbers animal or vegetable fats vegetable
what is the exception to the rule concerning iodine number and vegetable oils coconut oil
What are the 3 FAs most commonly present in triglycerides and are saturated stearic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid
What lipid is primarily used for metabolism triglycerides
What is a chylomicron triclycerides + apoprotein B made inside cells in SI and passed to lacteal
What is the primary fxn of the liver in lipid metab to make triglycerides and lipoproteins
What is the stimulus for mass movements in the colon gastrocolic and duodenocolic reflexes and gastrin

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