Lab quiz 2-Hormonal regulation of the GI function

Question Answer
What are the 4 main hormones found in the GI system gastrin, secretin, CCK, GIP
Where are the GI hormones secreted from from endocrine cells into the mucosa of the stomach and SI
What causes the release of GI hormones Vagal stim, distension, chem stim
What do GI hormones help regulate stomach fxn, SI, gall bladder, pancreas
Where is gastrin released in caudad of stomach and duod
Where is secretin and CCK released cells in duod
Where is GIP released duod and jejun
What do the parietal cells secrete HCL and intrinsic factor
where can you find gastric glands in all stomach except pyloric and cardiac regions
What is contained in gastric juices HCL, intrinsic factor, pepsinogen
What are the fxns of HCL to denature proteins, maintain low bacterial level, allow pepsinogen to be converted into its active form pepsin
What vit is intrinsic factor needed in the absorption of B12
What is the fxn of secretin released by S cells, stimulates pancreatic HCO3- to release
How does CCK function stimulated I cells which are stimulated by lipids in duod. Causes gallbladder to contract and squeeze bile into SI, sphincter of Oddi to relax
How does GIP fxn released by K cells in duod, decreases motor and secretory activity in the stomach, inhibits acid secretion, casues insulin release from beta cells of pancreas

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