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Flexion A type of movement that decreases the angle of a joint.
Dorsiflexion An example of flexion that decreases the joint angle. ex: raising the feet and toes toward the body. A door is closing on you.
Plantar flexion A type of flexion that increases the joint angle. ex: extending the foot. Tiptoes.
Extension A type of movement that increases the angle joint in a sagittal plane. Ex. straightening the knee.
Hyperextension Bending a joint beyond its normal resting extended position.
Abduction Movement of a body part away from main axis, lateral movement.
Adduction Movement of a body part toward the main body axis.
Rotation Turing of a bone such as the radius around its own axis.
Supination Turning backward. Make a bowl of soup.
Pronation Turning forward. Pour out your bowl of soup.
Circumduction Circular movement of a body segment, such as the limb.
Inversion Refers to the medial rotation of the foot frequently leading to a sprained ankle.
Eversion Lateral rotation of the foot.
Protraction Nonangular movement of body part forward. Ex: Anterior thrust of the lower jaw.
Retraction Posterior movement of a body part. Ex: Squaring the shoulders.
Elevation Portion of body lifted superiorly. Ex. Shoulder shrug.
Depression Position of body moved inferiorly. Ex: Lowering the mandible.

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