Interaction Between Cells and the Extracellular Enviornment

Question Answer
What percentage of the bodies water is located inside the cell? 67%
What percentage of the bodies extracellular water is located in the interstital fluid and how much is in the blood plasma? 80%/20%
What does the Na+/K+ pump need to move 3 Na+ out of the cell and 2 K+ into the cell? ATP
What type of transport mechanism is used in the Na+/K+ pump? Active transport
What provides energy to change the shape of the channel and then drives the ions through the channel? ATP
What remains bound to the transport channel and changes the shape of the channel? One phophate group from the ATP
Na+ and K+ move from an area of ______ concentration to an area of _________ concentration. Low/High or against the concentration gradient

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