Question Answer
Connected by the frontal suture. Frontal & Partial
Connected by the lambdoidal suture. Occipital & Partial
Connected by the squamous suture. Partial & Temporal
Connected by the sagittal suture. Partial & Partial
Cheek Bone Zygomatic
Contains “shell” foramina. Ethmoid
Superolateral part of the cranium. Partial
Posterior part of the hard palate. Palatine
Posteriormost part of the cranium. Occipital
Foramen located here. Occipital
Houses hearing and equilibrium receptors. Temporal
Forms the chin. Mandible
The only bone connected to the skull by a “freely” moveable joint. Mandible
Boney parts of nasal septum. Vomer
Have articular facets for the ribs on their bodies and transverse process. Thoracic Vertebrae
A circle of bone, articulates superiorly with the occipital bone. Atlas [c1]

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