GED Science Chapter 1 Overview

Question Answer
Biological Process a fundamental property that is common to all living organisms
Constancy the tendency for things to remain unchanged
Entropy the tendency of a system to become randomly disorganized
Equilibrium a condition in which change takes place in equal and opposite ways
Evidence observations and data from experiments that support or oppose a stated point of view
Evolution a series of changes that occur over time
Explanation the addition of newly acquired evidence to facts that are already known
Hypothesis a reasonable explanation of evidence or a prediction based on evidence
Law of Chance a description of the probability of something happening
Law of Nature a property of nature that does not change
Model an idea, drawing, or object that stands for the real thing
Opinion a personal belief that is often based on a person's own value system
Order the tendency of properties and behavior to be predictable
Scientific Fact a conclusion, based on evidence, about which scientists agree
System an organized group of related objects or components that form a whole

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