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What is the Engineering Design Process? Define the problem,Gather information, Generate multiple solutions, Analyze and select a solution, Test and implement solution
What is Engineering Design? A systematic, intelligent process in which designers generate, evaluate, and specify concepts for devices, systems, or processes whose form and function achieve clients’ objectives or users’ needs while satisfying a specified set of constraints
What is the Honor Code Cheating: giving receiving unauthorized aid, Plagiarism: coping the language and structure, Falsification: statement of untruth, forgery, tampering
What are the consequences of breaking the honor code? VI is a F in the course and immediate dismissal from the university. All second offences are VI
What is the ABET accreditation criteria Voluntary, It is granted or denied, not ranked, It is granted for a maximum of six year
What is ABET Accreditation? Students attain knowledge of math, science, and engineering, conduct experiments, function on teams, and solve problems
They must also understand professional and ethical responsibility, communicate effectively, and understand contemporary issues
What is a Professional Engineer according to ABET? Graduate from an ABET accredited school, Code of ethics-self imposed, 16 hours of written examination including principle and practice and fundamentals exams, Four years of engineering experience
According to Workshop Leader, what is teamwork? focusing on the problem, maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others, constructive relationships, lead by example. Common problems include absenteeism, breakdown in communication, dominant personalities
What are differnet line types? visible, hidden, center, dimension, construction
What are the types of sketches? multiview (orthographic) and pictorial (isometric)
• Multiview: series of projections showing 2 or three dimensions
• Pictorial: single image with all three dimensions
What is an algorithm? a step by step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing come end
What are flowcarts? They should serve as a picture of your algorithm. Flowcharts must be prepared according to rule or established procedures
Flowcharts should have a “top to bottom” and “left to right” flow of logic
What is an independent variable? what you change, vary, control
WHat is a dependent variable? What you measure or record as a responce to change in the independent variable
What is a graph? a visual representation of the relationship between two or more physical quantities
What is engineering measurements? the act of using instrument to determine the numerical value of a physical quantity
What is process evaluation? involves making measurements to ascertain that a system is functioning property
What is process control? involves feedback operation in which measurements are used to maintain processes within specified operating conditions
Scatter plot consists of data points only, without lines drawn through them
Line Graph one or more lines without data points
Bar Graph shows distribution of quantities for purposes of statistical analysis
Pie Graph show percentages or fractions of a whole in financial and business
Polar Graph used to show how quantities vary with angle
Contour Graph shows how a quantity varies on a two-dimensional
Range Variables the extent of numerical values over which the variable is to be graphed
Observed Cruve presented on a scatter plot without attempting to correlate the data or fit the data to a mathematical function
Empirical Curve these are presented with a smooth curve drawn through the symbols. shows correlations
Theoretical Curve generated by mathematical functions and are represented by continuous smooth curves w/o symbols
What are the three things you must remember when reporting empirical formulas? use the common form, use the variables, report the units
Linear Functions common from y-mx+b
straight line on rectilinear paper
Exponential Functions common form: y=be^mx
Curve on rectilinear paper, straight line on semilog-y paper
Linear form: lny=mx+lnb
Power Functions Common form: y=bx^m
Curve on rectilinear paper, straight line on log-log paper
Linear form: logy=mlogx+logb
What is Least Squares Linear Regression? equation for predicting a dependent variable(y) is a linear function of a given independent variable(x). The slope of the equation doesn’t change as independent variable(x) changes. There is no uncertainty associate with the values of x.
What is the coefficient of determination? used to ascertain the goodness of fit of a straight line to the data, r2: descriptive measure of the strength of the regression relationship percentage of total variation explained by the regression
Interpolation a process used to find data points between known data points
Extrapolation a process used to find data points beyond known data points
What is Sustainability? Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet human needs and aspirations.
What is LEED Certification? Green building certification, regulates water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, innovation, materials and resources
What are some examples of LEED Certification? Washington Nationals baseball stadium and Blacksburg Motor Company
What is Power-Aware Computing? Engineers and scientists are working on low-power hardware and software that automatically conserve power when possible
What is a computer program? A computer program is a set of instructions, written in any programming language that the computer understands
What is Dataflow programming? block diagram execution is dependent on the flow of the data. Node executes when data is available to all input terminals. Nodes supply data to all output terminals when done.
What is the block diagram? block diagram execution is dependent on the flow of the data. Node executes when data is available to all input terminals. Nodes supply data to all output terminals when done.
What is the Front Panel? the one the user interacts with. It shows the inputs and the outputs
What is Boolean? true or false data type, green
What is double precision number? these are decimals, the color is orange
What is an integer number? integers including the i value in loops, blue
What is string data type? Letters, pink
What are boolean and comparison functions? Boolean takes Boolean values as inputs and returns Boolean outputs,Comparison take numerical values as inputs and return Boolean outputs
What are broken wires in LabVIEW? an early warning that something is not working correctly
What does the broken run button mean? indicates that the VI will not run
What is Execution Highlighting? you can watch the flow of information through your block diagram
What is Single Step Execution? you can run the VI step by step to see where something goes wrong
What is the Probe Tool? you can run the VI step by step to see where something goes wrong
What are breakpoints? you can set a breakpoint to stop the program at a point of interest
What are shift registars? they transfer values from one iteration of a for loop to the next
What is coercion dot rounding? always round to the nearest even number, IEEE came up with this
Is Engineering a Profession? A profession is work that requires sophisticated skills and judgement. Work is not routine. Extensive formal education is required. Special societies or organizations set standards for admission and conduct. Significant public goods result
What are codes of ethics? The rights, duties, and obligations that the engineering societies have adopted. They are not limited to professional organizations
Framework. It defines the roles and responsibilities. It is a starting points of ethical decision making.
IEEE versus NSPE IEEE is much shorter, the idea is that it will actually be read by more people NSPE is much more explicit
What is the Intel Inncident? The media reported a computing flaw in the microprocessor. Intel denied the problem until they no longer could and agreed to replace for users who demonstated a need. Ultimatley they had to replace everyone's
What is the Denver International Airport Incident? While building a new airport the concrete company changed the recipe of the concrete to save money. The new recipe made the concrete weaker.
What is the Paradyne Case? Competitive bidding can lead to many ethical problems. SAA wanted computers and lent a contract for 115 million dollars to Paradyne. Paradyne gave them computers that weren't on the market and had issues.
What is Utilitarianism? The best actions are the ones that serve to maximize human well-being.
Rule utilitarianism holds that moral rules are the most important. Act utilitarianism focuses on actions rather than rules
What is duty ethics? The most ethical actions are those actions that could be written down on a list of duties: to be honest, don’t cause suffering to other people, be fair to others etc.
These are our duties, they show respect for others
What is Rights Ethics? This is about the humans rights to life, liberty, and property. People Have fundamental rights that others have duties to protect
What is virtue ethics? This is about the kind of people we should be. Actions are considered right if they support good character traits
What is the Disaster at Bhopal? There was a leak in the storage tank at a chemical plant
Water was accidently poured into the tank
There was an alarm that should have sound but the alarm was improperly set
What are Professional Ethics? Set of guidelines that professional societies expect their members uphold. Though each professional society has its own set of fundamental canons most of them are similar in nature
What are Personal Ethics? This part is up to you
They are necessary to interpret professional ethics as well as to add to them
Philosophers have come up with a number of ethical frameworks that can be followed
What are the steps to the Engineering Design Process? Define the problem, gather information, generate multiple solutions. analyze and select a solution, test and implement solution
What is an impaired watershed? An impaired stream exceeds what is considered to be healthy level of sediments/nutrients
How big is an atom? 10^-1 nanometers
How wide is a human hair 80,000 nm wide
What are carbon nanotubes? allotropes of carbon, they have a length to diameter ratio exceeding 1,000,000, they have extraordinary stregth and uniqe electrical properties
What is chirality? the twist of a nanotube
What are the types of nanotubes? armchair, zig-zag, chiral
What is a dimension? a measurable physical idea; it generally consists solely of a word description with no numbers
What happend to the Mars Climate Orbiter It was lost in space due to conversion and units miscommunications.
What is efficiency? a measure of how much of a quanity, typically energy or power, is lost in a process
In contrast with the analytical engineer, what type of engineer is concerned mainly with physical prototypes? Expiremental Engineer
Your book uses an example of the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) to illustrate a lesson in engineering design. One of the primary factors that caused MCO to go off course is Your book uses an example of the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) to illustrate a lesson in engineering design. One of the primary factors that caused MCO to go off course is
Your book discusses differences between "analysis" and "design". Processing a data stream from a temperature sensor is an example of: Analysis
What shape is used to represent a process in flowcharting? Rectangle
Which is "the variable that can be controlled by the experimenter" ? Independent Variable
Which axis is the ordinate? y-axis
If the graph represents current versus resistance, which is the dependent variable? Current
Which type of graph is "commonly used to show percentages or fractions of a whole in financial and business applications" ? Pie Graph
Which type of graph consists "of data points only, without lines drawn through them" ? Scatter Graph
With regard to least squares linear regression, how would you modify the m equation for a linear function to get the m equation for an exponential function? Replace y by ln y.
"Errors that are caused by chance-related phenomena" are called Random Errors
Cost-benefit analysis is basically an application of which moral theory? Utilitarianism
Who is the best known proponent of act utilitarianism? John Stuart Mill
What units describe angular speed? rad/s or rev/s
In the video Incident at Morales, Fred's (the main character's) supervisor Wally gets upset at Fred because: Wally believes Fred's concerns about the environmental controls may lead to a reduction in company profits and ultimately performance related bonuses.
In the video Incident at Morales, there is some concern about Fred's (the main character's) employment at Phaust because: he previously worked for a competitor of Phaust
In LabVIEW, if the run button shows a broken arrow, what does this mean? The VI cannot run
In LabVIEW, when is the Controls Palette is accessible? The front panel is open
In LabVIEW, how can you use a value from the previous iteration of a loop? Use a shift registar
According to your textbook chapter titled Data Acquisition with LabVIEW, the following sensor can be used to measure position A potentiometer
According to your textbook chapter titled Data Acquisition with LabVIEW, failure to sample at a high enough frequency may lead to a problem with aliasing
The most important force at nanoscale is ? intermolecular attraction
What is a quantum dot? A nanostructure semiconductor crystal that glows when stimulated by ultraviolet light

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