Cycles of Nature

Question Answer
the movement of water between the oceans, atmosphere, land, and living things. water cycle
the change of state from a gas to a liquid. condensation
the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas. evaporation
any form of water that falls to the earth from the clouds. precipitation
some of the water that falls on land , flows into streams, rivers, and oceans. runoff
this water will slowly flow back into the soil, streams, rivers, and oceans. groundwater
the plants release a large amount of water vapor. transpiration
besides water the most common molecules in living things, or molecules contain carbon. organic molecules
the exchange of carbon between the enviroment and living things. carbon cycle
the basis of the carbon cycle. photosynthis
this process uses oxygen. respiration
the breakdown of substances into similar molecular substances. decomposition
the movement of nytrogen between the enviroment and living things. nitrogen cycle
backteria in the soil are able to change nitrogen gas into forms that plants can use. nitrogen fixation

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