chapter 20

Question Answer
name the 4 fat soluble vitamins vitamin A, D E K
name 3 vitamin A's retinol, retinal, beta carotene
what is vitamin A used for Acne, cannot use during pregnance
signs of vitamin A defiency night blindness, slow growth, abnormal bone and teeth,dry eyes and skin.
name 3 vitamin d's calciferol, cholecalciferol, Ergocalciferol
signs of vitamin d defiency poor bone and tooth structure, osteoporosis and muscle spasms
another name for vitamin E tocopherol
signs of vitamin E defiency anemia
another name for vitamin K phytonadione
where is vitamin K absorbed in the small intestine with bile salts
what overdose can you use vitmain K as an antedote coumadin overdose
name the two water soluble vitamins vitamin C and B complexes
what vitamin should you take if you smoke C
what vitamin should you take if you exercise alot B2
what vitamin should you take if you drink alcohol B's and C
what vitamin should you take if your highly stressed or drink to much coffee B complexes and C
what vitamin turns urine dark orange b12
what vitamin causes flushes niacin
what vitamin can only be given by injection B12
too much of what vitamin can cause kidney stones C

what vitamin do you need for carbohydrat metabolism B1
another name for B2 riboflavin
another word for vitamin B6 pyridoxine
2 names for B12 Cobalamin, Cyanocobalanin
what happens when you are B12 deficient pernicious anemia and megaloblastic anemia
what prevents neural tube defects in pregnancy folic acid
name 2 reasons to use niacin to lower lipid levels and to raise HDL, lowers LDL and TAGs
bad reaction from niacin severe liver damage
what vitamin is needed for collagen synthesis and iron absorption vit C
name 3 dissolved minerals or electrolytes acid, base and salt
what is the oxygen carrying component of blood Iron

overdose of iron can be fatal
Calcuim is absorbed where in the body small intestine
phosphorus is needed for bone and teeth formation, energy, helps in storage of fats and metabolism
Magnesuim synthesizes what protiens
what regulates body fluid and acid base balance sodium
what are the two minerals in extracellular body fluids sodium and chloride

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