Cell Parts and Processees

Question Answer
Glucose Type of sugar molecule produced in the chloroplast of plant cells during photosynthesis
Osmosis The diffusion of water from high concentration to low concentration across a cell membrane
Respiration The process of releasing energy from simple food molecules inside a cell's mitochondrion
Photosynthesis The process of producing food inside the chloroplast of a plant cell
Mitosis A series of changes that happen in the nucleus of a cell before the cell can divide
Selectively permeable Type of cell membrane that controls what can go in and out of the cell by the size of its tiny openings
Chloroplast Plant cell organelle that absorbs the Sun's energy for the process of photosynthesis
Mitochondrion Cell organelle where respiration occurs; the "powerhouse" of the cell
Nucleus The control center of a cell where genetic material is found
Chromosomes Strands of genetic material made of DNA found in the nucleus of a cell

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