cell components

Part Composition/Location Primary Function
microvilli short extensions of cell membrane absorb materials into cell
nucleus DNA and proteins contains chromosomes
nucleolus RNA, DNA and protein/small body in nucleus makes ribosomes
cytoplasm colloidial suspension filling cell contains cytosol and organelles
cytosol fluid portion of cytoplasm surrounds organelles
rough ER network of membranes surrounding nucleus sorts proteins and forms them into more complex compounds
smooth ER network of membranes surrounding nucleus involved with lipid synthesis
ribosomes RNA and protein manufacture protein
mitochondria large organelles with folded membranes inside convert energy from nutrients into ATP
Golgi apparatus layers of membranes makes compounds containing proteins, sorts and prepares them for transport
lysosomes small sacs of digestive enzymes digest substances within cell
peroxisomes membrane-enclosed organelles containing enzymes digest substances within cell
vesicles small membrane-bound sacs store materials and move bulk materials into and out of cell
centrioles two rod-shaped bodies near nucleus help separate chromosomes during cell division
cilia short, hair-like projections on cell membrane move fluids around cell
flagellum long, whip-like extension moves sperm cell
plasma membrane lipids & proteins/outer layer of cell encloses and regulates cell sat_flash_1s

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