BJU 6th Science – Chapter 8

Question Answer
Static electricity occurs when electrical charges build up on the surface
Current electricity flow of electrons around a circuit
Circuit continuous unbroken path
Conductor allows electricity to flow through easily
Switch conductor that can be moved open or close a gap in a circuit
Short circuit can cause sparks or fire
Insulator does not allow electricity to flow through
Resistor reduces flow of electrons
Series circuit has only one path for the electricity to travel
Parallel circuit has multiple paths for the electricity to travel
Volt measurement of the amount of electrical force in a circuit
Watt measurement of power (how fast work is done)
Ampere unit to measure how much current flows through a circuit in 1 second
Electric cell produces an electric current using 2 metals and a solution
Electrolyte liquid that conducts electricity
Battery contains 1 or more electric cells
Magnet material that can attract iron
Magnetism magnetic force
Magnetic field area of magnetic force
Electromagnet coil of wire with a core attached to electrical source
Generator machine that converts motion into electrical energy
Electronic device uses electricity to communicate information
Electric signal electric current that carries information
Integrated circuit very small circuit with built in parts
Semi-conductor conducts electricity better than insulators but not as good as conductors
CPU (central processing unit) brain of the computer
ROM (read only memory) built in memory and programs tat tell computer what to do
RAM (random access memory) stores facts temporarily

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