BJU 6th Science – Chapter 12

Question Answer
sepal flower part that protects developing bud
stamen male part of flower
anther part of stamen that produces pollen
pistil female part of flower
ovary bottom part of pistil
ovules places where eggs are produced
style stalk that connects ovary to top of pistil
stigma sticky tip of pistil
cross pollination pollen transferred from one plant to another
self pollination pollination occurs all on one plant
fertilization male sperm cell in pollen unites with female egg
zygote fertilized egg
embryo tiny new plant
fruit part of plant that contains seeds
germinate sprouting of seeds
cotyledons special seed leaves
seed coat outer covering that protects embryo and food
spore smaller than a seed and has only 1 cell
fruiting body contain spores
gestation time period between fertilization and birth
placental mammals mammals whose young develop in mother's body
marsupial mammals have pouch where young finish developing
asexual reproduction reproducing from one parent
binary fission an organism splits in half and becomes 2 separate organisms
budding new individual grows on parent until it can break off and survive on own
regeneration process where an organism can grow another one, like a starfish
fragmentation process where small fragments can regenerate whole new organisms
vegetative reproduction part of plant, not normally involved in reproduction, can generate new plant

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