atmosphere, air pressure, air temp, layers of atmosphere, etc.

Question Answer
What are the five main components of air? Oxygen, Nitrogen, Trace Gas, Water Vapor, Particles
What does the ozone layer protect living things from? UV Rays
Why is it good to get a small amount of UV Rays? Vitamin D
Which layer is the bad ozone layer in? troposphere
How are layers of the atmosphere classified? Temperature
What happens to air pressure as you rise upwards in the atmosphere? less and less oxygen, and the air gets thinner and thinner, molecules are spread farther apart
What Layer does weather occur? troposphere
Which layer is the good ozone in? Stratosphere
What happens to air temperature and air pressure as you rise in altitude? temperature drops and air pressure drops
What is the atmosphere? the gasses that surround the earth
If the air has less mass, then it is less _____ if the air has less mass, it is less dense
What are the two most abundant gasses in the atmosphere? Nitrogen and Oxygen
What happens to air pressure as you rise upwards in the atmosphere? the pressure gets less and less
What is the ozone made up of? oxygen with 3 atoms 0(3)
Why does the air have pressure? the weight of the atmosphere exerts force on surfaces
Earth's atmosphere acts as a greenhouse and traps heat. How does this benefit the Earth? It prevents us from freezing and makes sure the water on earth doesn't freeze.

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