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Synovial Connective tissue membrane composed of soft areolar tissue and contain no epithelial cells, these membranes line the fibrous casules surrounding the joint where they provide a smooth surface and secrete a lubricating fluid
common characteristics of connective tissue well vascularized (exceptions are tendons and ligaments with poor blood supply and cartilage has no blood supply
Functions of connective tissue Protecting, supporting, and binding together other body tissues
structural elements that form the matrix of the connective tissues collagen or white fibers with high tensil strenghth, elastic or yellow fibers with ability to stretch and recoil, reticular fibers or fine collagen fibers that form the internal skeleton of soft organs such as the spleen
Areolar tissue soft pliable cobweby tissue that cushions and protects the body organ it wraps around blood vessels and mucosa epithelium
dense fibrous tissue or dense connective tissue collagen fibers as its main matrix,crowded btween the collagen fibers are rows of fibroblasts, form strong rope like structures such as tendons and ligaments
Hyaline cartalage collagen fibers hidden by a rubbery matrix with a glassy blue white appearance, supporting structure fo larnyx, attatches ribs to breastbone and covers ends of bones where they form joints,
Bone or osseous tissue composed of ___ cells sitting in cavities called lacunae and surrounded by layers of a very hard matrix that contain calcium salts and collegen fibers, supports and protects other body organs
Adipose tissue or fat an areolar tissue in which ___ cells predominate , stored oil occupies most of the cells volume and compresses the nucleus
reticular connective tisse delicate network of interwoven _____ fibers which resemble fibroblasts, limited to certian sites,form the stroma(bed or mattress or internal framework which support free blood cell(lymphocytes) in lymphoid organs such as lymph noes ,spleen and bone marrow
Blood or vascular tissue considered a connective tissue because it consists of_____cells, surrounded by a nonliving, fluid matix called ______plasma
2 ways tissue repair occurs 1.regeneration,replacement of destroyed tissue by the same kind of cell 2.fibrosis, repair by dense fibrous connective tissue by the formation of a scar
properties of scar tissue repair of inlury with connective tissue, not able to function as normal skin
Integumentary system cutaneous membrane or skin, skin and its derivatives(sweat and oil glands,hair and nail)serve a number of functions mostly protective
functions of integumentary system protects deeper tissue from,mecanical,chemical and bacterial damage,ultraviolet radiation,thermal damage,desiccation(drying out),aids in body heat loss or retention,aids in excretion of urea and uric acid, synthesises vit D
2 types of tissue that compose the skin 1.outer -epidermis 2. underlying-dermis 1 type of tissue although closly related is not considered part of the skin(subcutaneous adepose tissue)
relationship between the sun and melanin the sun damages the skin causeing the elastic fibers to clump,leading to leathery skin also depresses immune system
relationship between the sun and cold sores due to decreased immune sx after sun exposure erruptions may occur
relationship between the sun and cancer over exposure to the skin from the sun causes changes in the DNA of the skin cells ( black people rarely get _____ _____ due to increased melanin as a natural sun screen

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