all the science stuff we learned so far

Question Answer
What are the 5 steps of the scientific method? problem, hypothesis, procedure, analysis, conclusion
What does motion mean? when an object changes position relative to its ref. point
what does balanced force mean? equal in size, opposite in direction
whats the net force? resulting force after all forces have been added
Whats the dif. between mass and wieght? mass is matter in body and weight is the gravitational pull on an object
what is newtons 2nd law of motion? big things need big pushes, little things need little pushes
what are the 4 types of friction? static, sliding and rolling, fluid
what does free fall mean? only force acting on an object is gravity
whats a refernece point? place or obj. used for comparison to determine if somethings in motion
whats inertia? when an object resists to change in its motion
whats newtons first law of motion? matter in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by another force
whats newtons 3rd law of motion? for every action theres an equal or opposite reaction
what are the 2 things that determine friction? pressure and surface
whats air resistance? a form of friction that slows down objects moving in air
whats pascals principle? when a force is applied to a fluid in a closed container the pressure increases everywhere by the same amount
whats archimedes' principle? buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced
whats the law of conservation of momentum? the total momentum of objects that collide is the same before and after
what are the 6 simple machines? pulley, wheel&axle, inclined plane, screw, wedge, lever
Whats the unit to measure pressure? pascals
what causes objects to sink? if the wieght of an object is greater than the buoyant force
what causes an object to float? if the buoyant force is equal or greater than objects weight
What happens when you increase the area of where a force is applied? pressure decreases
the pressure a fluid exerts is always what to the surface of the object? perpendicular
What happens to the force when you put two feet down instead of one? nothing
If your on both feet and then you stand on one foot, what happens? pressure increases
Whats buoyancy? upward force thats exerted by a fluid on any object in the fluid
whats density? mass of an object divided by the volume
what are the 2 things that determine gravitational attraction? mass and distance
Whats a lodestone? magnetic rock that points N and S
What are ferromagnetic elements? iron, nickel, cobalt
Whats an aurora? lights caused by solarwinds hitting earths atmosphere
what are teslas? what magnetic fields are measured in
What are the Van Allen Belts? earths magnetic field region that reaches 25,000km
What is ferromagnetism? elements that can be magnets
whats a magnetosphere? region of earths magnetic field thats surrounded by suns solar wind
What are domains? clusters of atoms that determine if objects are magnetic or not
What is Magnesia? the place in GReece where magnetism was first discoverd
Whats voltage? how much electrical potential is available
Whats resistance? measure of how hard it is for electrons to flow through materials
What are parallel circuits? electricity has 2 paths, one light doesnt work the rest still do
What happens in an open switch? electricity doesnt flow
Whats a series circuit? electricity has 1 path
Whats electricity? the flow of moving electrons through material
what happens in a closed switch? electricity flows
how are magnetic domains important for something to be magnetic? they determine if objects are magnetic or not
Whats an unbalanced force>? 2 or more forces acting on an oject making it move
Whats the free fall rate? time your in the are; d=rt
whats a free falls velocity? 9.8mps2
Why are objects neutral? same # of positives and negatives
what are the 3 main parts of a battery? positive terminal, negative terminal and moist paste
Where does the electricity from a battery come from? the negative to positive
whats an input force? force you apply
whats an output force? the force the machine applies

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