all of my chapter ” clues to earths past” things to know for the test

Question Answer
who is a person who studys fossils a palentolojest
remains, imprints, or traces of prehistoric pasts are_________. fossils
fossils can form if the organism is quickly_______ by sediments. burried
organisms with______ parts are more likely to become fossils. hard parts
types of preservation
fossils in which the spaces indide are filled with minerals from groundwater are called___ premineralized
carbon film results when ___________ then ____ becomes coal a thin film or carbon residue forms a silhouette of the original organizum; carbonized plant material becomes coal
mold- ____ in rock left when ___ parts of an organisum decay 1. cavity
2. hard
if ___ washes into a mold if can form a ___ 1. sediment
2. cast
______ remains are preserved in material such as ________, ________, or tar. 1. origianial
3. amber
________ is an example of an organizums activities. trace fossils
examples of trace fossils would be foot prints from an animal or something
or a burrow like from a worm
index fossils are_______ abundent, geographical widespread organizums that existed for relatively short periods of time
fossils can reviel information about past land forms and ______ climates
principles of _____________ – process of reading undisterbed rock layers super possition
_______ rocks that are on bottom layer oldest
_______ rocks are on the top layers youngest
how old something is in comparison to something else relative ages
the age of ________ rock can be ditermined by examining layer sequences. undesterbed
the age of _______ rocks can be ditermined by fossils or other clues. disterbed
________- are gaps in rock layers unconformities
_____________ unconformities – rock layers are titles, and younger sediment layers are deposited horizontily ontop of the eroded and tilted rock layers. angular
a layer of horizontial rock once exposed and eroded befor younger rock formed over it is ____ disconformity
_______ conformity is sedimntary rock forms over eroded metamorphic or igneous rock non conformity
the same rock but in differant locations, fossils can be used to ________ those rock layers corolate
beta decay is an isotope break down into a proton and electron with the electron leaving the atom as a beta partical ; a new proton is formed due to proton gain.
sn isotype gives off two protons and 2 neutrons as an alpha partical; a new eliment forms alpha decay
patasslumarogon dating is used to date the ancient rocks millions of years old.
carbon 14 dating is used to date bones, wood, and charcoal up to 75,000 years old
the oldest known rocks are about 75,000 years old
earths estimate is to be about ___ years old 4.5 billion years old
uniformitarianism earths processes occuring today are similar to those that occured in the past.

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