BJU 6th Science – Chapter 8

Question Answer Static electricity occurs when electrical charges build up on the surface Current electricity flow of electrons around a circuit Circuit continuous unbroken path Conductor allows electricity to flow through easily Switch conductor that can be moved open or close a gap in a circuit Short circuit can cause sparks or fire Insulator does

BJU 6th Science – Chapter 14

Question Answer Central nervous system consists of brain and spinal cord Peripheral nervous system contains millions of nerve cells that communicate what is going on with the body brain command center of the body cerebrum largest part of brain; controls muscle movements and receives information for the senses lobes distinct areas of the cerebrum cerebellum

BJU 6th Science – Chapter 12

Question Answer sepal flower part that protects developing bud stamen male part of flower anther part of stamen that produces pollen pistil female part of flower ovary bottom part of pistil ovules places where eggs are produced style stalk that connects ovary to top of pistil stigma sticky tip of pistil cross pollination pollen transferred

BJU 6th Science – Chapter 11

Question Answer photosphere the surface of the Sun chromosphere the atmosphere of the Sun; located above the Sun’s surface corona the outermost part of the Sun; located above the Sun’s chromosphere sunspot dark spot on the surface of the Sun; seems to be related to magnetic storms facula a bright cloud of gas on the

BJU 6th Science – Chapter 9

Question Answer energy The ability to do work. potential energy Stored energy due to its position. kinetic energy Energy caused by motion. mechanical energy The ability to get something moving. motion Change of an object's position. reference point A fixed, unmoving object needed to determine whether another object has changed position. distance The amount of

Interaction Between Cells and the Extracellular Enviornment

Question Answer What percentage of the bodies water is located inside the cell? 67% What percentage of the bodies extracellular water is located in the interstital fluid and how much is in the blood plasma? 80%/20% What does the Na+/K+ pump need to move 3 Na+ out of the cell and 2 K+ into the

BJU 6th Science – Chapter 7

Question Answer Chemistry study of matter Atom smallest piece of an element Element substance containing only one kind of atom Nucleus center section of an atom Proton positive charge Neutron no charge Atomic mass sum of protons and neutrons Electron negatively charged Shell average distance of the electrons from the nucleus Atomic number number of

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Question Answer Testable Question "What is the effect of _________ on __________?" Research Find out what is already known about a topic. Hypothesis An educated guess. "If I _________________ then _______________ will ______________." Experiment Designed to test your hypothesis Independent Variable What "I" change Dependent Variable Depends on what I change. This is what is